Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zero to Awesome Day 7 (reposted from Aug 8 2011)

Day 7 (Monday 8/8/11)


Grabbed all explore badges in 3 underground Praetorian zones, 15 merits.  That put me at 101 merits total.

Did my level 20 costume mission.  Got tips, ran 5 of them, did my morality mission, went rogue!

Hit level 22 in Talos, then joined a team and quickly hit level 23 and 24.  :D  (Thus why I want to at least play heroside a bit -- teams are much easier to find.  I figure I'll stay rogue at least through DXP weekend.)

Also grabbed explore badges in Talos Island, 5 more merits.

Broke 200 million in liquid influence.   ^_^

I have a lot of recipes to craft and sell now, as you can see.  I killed a bid on more Gift of the Ancient:  Defense recipes, they weren't buying and I have plenty to keep me busy for now.

Still trying to pick up that stealth IO.  :/


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