Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zero to Awesome Day 3 (reposted from Aug 4 2011)

Day 3

After a diversion to run an ITF, I got to work on my new corruptor.  Market-wise I was disappointed... my LotG IO had not sold, and I'd only bought three accuracy IOs with my lowball bids.  I realized that not only had I made a mistake with the LotG, for which the market is glutted and prices are way down, but as it's an orange IO that requires rare salvage it wasn't the best choice for my first thing to craft and sell.  Also, these are recipes I normally craft and sell with an eye to what will sell in 4-7 days, not what sells overnight.  So I've made several mistakes initially.

Also my great build that I found on the forums... is actually a fire/rad build.  Hmm.  What can I say, I grabbed it during a 15 minute break at work and didn't look at it hard enough.  Maybe I should have gone fire/rad anyway, they're certainly more popular.

I place bids in for some Efficacy Adaptor recipes.  Good old Efficacy Adaptor, always fairly cheap to buy and always sells for a few million at least.  In no time I have two endurance/accuracy recipes that I craft and place for sale at 2.1 million each.  This takes a bit more buying and vendoring recipes first, it's 490,000 to craft a level 50 recipe and the listing fee is 105,000.  But what are Essense of Curare recipes for if not vendoring?  Also I'm juggling a lot of things, with the LotG IOs and salvage stored in the market, bids on crafted IOs, and everything (and I only have 12 slots).  But within an hour one of the Efficacy Adaptors sells for 4 million.  Now I'm in business!

I buy another rikti alloy and craft a second LotG def/rech.  This one I list for 5.2 million.  I note that they're selling for 8 and even 9 million today, but the one I listed yesterday for 6.3 mil still hasn't sold.  I listed too high.  Anyway it doesn't take long before my second LotG sells for 8 million, allowing me to bid on several more rikti alloys.  :D  Maybe my original idea wasn't as bad as I thought!  My other Efficacy Adaptor sells as well.

I also pull down my lowball IO bids and place more reasonable bids on level 20 generic IOs.  A few purchases come in within an hour or two, but I'm still leve 12.  I don't bid on the Endurance Modification IOs I need, level 20s are selling for a million each.  But I recognize another good marketing niche when I see one and bid on 10 each of the salvage needed to craft them.

I want merits so I do the explore badges in Port Oakes, and work though missions for my current contact, Radio.  It's slow going though.  The problem with Radio as a contact is that he only has one arc for 5 merits, and doesn't introduce me to any new contact.  But I run 4 radio missions in Cap Au Diablo and get another bank mission, which I'll save for tomorrow -- that will get me another contact.  I hit level 14, and also earn 2 merits helping take down Deathsurge.  That gets me to 49 merits total.

I buy salvage to craft some of the level 15 IOs I failed to buy overnight.  Now at least my character is a little better off in the IO dept.

Two set IOs I need as soon as I can afford them:  a stealth IO (unbounded leap will work) and a knockback protection IO (which will likely be a karma in combat jumping, or stuffed into manuevers for the time being if I don't have CJ yet).

I'm probably going to pull a build from this thread and maybe tweak it slightly.

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