Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fifty Fifties -- 15 Sparks Fly

15 Sparks Fly

When it came time to join the Hero Force super group, I wanted to join with a brand new character who could be my Hero Force toon from day one, that I could level all the way to 50 and earn a lot of prestige for the SG.  I also was very interested in the high-AoE potential of electric melee/shield defense, it was one of the farming flavors of the month for a while.  I checked the Virtue Name Watch thread for a good name and came up with Sparks Fly, and thus one of my favorite characters was born.

She wasn't my favorite right away -- I got her to 50 in due time, but it wasn't until I borrowed a "money is no object" electric melee/shield defense build from Fury Flechette on the forums and rebuilt Sparks Fly with it that I really grew to love the toon.  She was damage incarnate, by best farmer hands down, and a  really tough scrapper who could tank -- shield's taunt aura was always quite strong.  I played Sparks Fly more than any other character, which is why I picked her when we had a Brickhouse Chat group photo earlier this week (the one that Maressa used in one of her last blog posts on the game, found here).

I did some fun things with Sparks Fly.  I solo'd a Citadel.  I could have solo'd many of the TFs in the game, but there was always something interesting to do and it wasn't a high priority for me.  I did the rikti challenge on her though, it's up on youtube:  But on the whole I was never about what AVs I could solo or how quickly I could destroy a pylon.  But I did use her to PL a lot of my other toons!

Sparks Fly is probably my most-loved character and the one I'll miss the most.  She was truly a joy to play.  On the last day of the game's existence I brought her along for one last ITF run with friends, and we utterly destroyed everything we saw.  Much fun!  I'll never play a character quite like her again, I think.

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