Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fifty Fifties -- 14 Maiden Knight

14 Maiden Knight

Not only did I have three MA / WP scrappers (and four MA scrappers overall) I had two katana / regen scrappers and a broadsword / regen scrapper for good measure.  Which is kind of sad because I wound up not liking regen so much and wouldn't play them.

I don't even remember exactly what this character's name was on Virtue -- Jalia Sword or Shinobu Knight or something silly that I didn't like.  I moved her to Justice and renamed her Maiden Knight, a name I liked much, much better.  I gave her a really good build too, and played her a few times there, on mothership raids and such.  She wasn't a bad character and I really liked her knight errant costume, but ultimately I didn't play her much in the last two years.

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