Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zero to Awesome Day 22 (reposted from Aug 23 2011)

Day 22

I think we've agreed that whatever "results" I might get from my experiment here are skewed by my used of vet rewards, by my own knowledge of the market and the game, and by the fact that I gained a lot of levels during a double exp weekend.  But I'd still say that the overall point is just to show how to furnish a nice build on your own by the time you hit 50, or not much after.

Anyway, we can now add one more thing that is going to skew my results by quite a bit:

I ran 5 tip missions tonight, solo at -1/1, and got these two drops in successive missions.  It's not the first time I've gotten two purple drops in one day, but certainly the first time I got two such very [I]nice[/I] drops at practically the same time, and with so little effort.  Not only would I not expect anyone else to manage that -- I doubt I could manage it given another fifty or one hundred tries.  :eek:

But I'm not complaining.  ^_^

What I did tonight:

1.  Ran two BAFs and unlocked my Judgment slot (and slotted it with a T1).

2.  Picked up some Ascension armor and two emotes, swoon and collapse.  Those two are lots of fun, and I have swoon on my 2nd account and keep trying to use it on my first.  Now I can.  :D

3.  Ran the five tip missions.

4.  Converted 50 merits.  Sold 5 IOs on the market.

5.  Joined a Silver Mantis with friends.

I was frankly surprised at how many badges I have.  I know I grabbed all of the explore badges that I could -- or at least, all of the ones that would lead to merits.  I pretty much ignored history and other badges that didn't yield merits.  And I still haven't set foot inside an AE building.  But... over 500 badges?  (I'm at 511 after the Silver Mantis tonight).  That's kinda neat.  In fact, Mouse Police on Virtue is over 1,000 but I'm not sure how many other of my characters have over 500.

Just to compare, here's my new brute on my new account.  [I]All[/I] I've done with this character is AE and marketing:


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