Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zero to Awesome Day 5 (reposted from Aug 6 2011)

Day 5 Saturday 8/6/2011

The plan today was to earn some merits and gain a level or two.  To that end, I first grabbed all of the explore badges in Cap Au Diable, then I turned my difficulty down to -1 and ran my bank heist.

The contact I got from this was Marshal Brass.  I eventually completed his The Aeon Conspiracy arc, so I got 10 merits from that and also made it to level 17 by the time I was done (after a little street sweeping for  those last two bubbles).

It's been so long since I've done low/mid level redside content that I was surprised by some of the unique maps that I didn't remember.  The "Find Out What's Wrong with the Power Transfer System" part of the arc has an especially cool map -- essentially a Council map reskinned, but it looks cool, and the final room is unique to this mission.  I took pictures!

I was going to log after hitting level 17, but instead I got a blind invite.  What's this?  A team redside?  And it turned out to be a very fun team running in Sharkhead Isle.  I think the leader was switching between two mission arcs.  One involved the Midnighter's.   I didn't recognize what arc it was, but it also had a cool unique map:

The team ran into trouble after this mission -- a Tsoo mission where at one point we were fighting Tsoo with multiple sorcerers at +4 to most of the team, and then after we turned it down we found a corridor with 3 groups and a patrol wandered in, so we had 4 different full groups (8 man team) and I don't know how many sorcerers, more than 8 I think, and after a couple of team wipes the sorcs were in the front of the hallway but were from different groups, and attacking them would bring all four groups down on us.  Fun times!

But I got all the way to level 19 and within a bubble and a half of 20 on this team, so no worries!

Currently bidding on more LotG def/rech recipes (I crafted two more of these and have them up for sale) and also on Performance Shifter end/rech recipes, and hoping to pick up a Karma kb protection recipe cheap, and an Unbounded Leap stealth IO for what passes for cheap for these recipes at low levels.  ^_^

There's a good chance I'll play some more tonight, hit 20, and work on going rogue.  Not sure if I want to turn full hero yet, I do want to be able to buy a merits eventually, but right now being able to team hero-side would help a lot.

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