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Zero to Awesome Day 27/28 and comments (reposted from Aug 28/29 2011)

FYI - Judgement doesn't have a level shift attached.

Alpha, Destiny and Lore only.

No level shift for Judgement and Interface.


Organica (me)

Well, you can tell how much I pay attention to these things.  ^_^

But I can blow stuff up real good!

Anyway, a few level shifts are needed.  ^_^


Originally Posted by Canine
You can still make a very effective toon using nothing but SO's.

The inf required to do that is frankly miniscule in the scale of things. Level up a toon, sell your salvage and recipe drops on the market (especially midlevel commons/uncommons), and I'd expect you to have no trouble affording the enhancements required to make an effective SO'd toon.
Actually, if you use level 30 common IOs, which are better than even con SOs, you will save millions by not having to upgrade your SOs at 32, 37, 42 and 47. Upgrading all your SOs at 42 and 47 will cost you many millions, and that's not even considering the hassle of having to do it.

The crafting costs for 30s are not that much more than buying SOs, so you will already be ahead of the game by level 38. The higher level SOs actually cost more than the crafting costs for 30s. You can usually pick up level 30 common recipes for peanuts, especially if you place bids ahead of time.

If you save your Tier 2 salvage when you start getting it, you'll have plenty by the time you hit level 27 and can start slotting 30s.


That is, in fact, cheaper. Yes.

If you consider that the cost of level 50 SO's is about 5 million inf:
that's about 3 rare salvage
OR about 15 uncommon salvage
OR half a "decent drop", crafted.

Maybe I've been hanging out here too long, but I don't see the cost SO's, which is something like 15 million over your entire character's life, as a financial problem. Someone here had a standing offer, something like "Send me a tell and I'll email you 20 million, and you can afford to slot SO's 1-50."


Organica (me)

Joined a BAF and a Lambda this morning.  On one I got a rare.  At this point, I've run more iTrials on AE Baby than any other toon of mine, but this was only my third non-common or uncommon -- I got a Very Rare early on, and a rare I think.  Anyway, I was able to craft my T3 Lore. :D  Working on T3 Destiny now, but I need another rare to accomplish it.

I also joined a friend's ITF last night and got 9 shards.  This was not enough to allow me to craft my T2, alpha, but it's a good start.  One of the same friends invited me to an ITF again today, just after I'd finished the iTrials.  We cleared the entire last map and I still only wound up with 4 more shards.  :p

Stuff sold overnight, enough to push me just over 500 million (especially after a couple of other things sold during the iTrials).  Knowing that Hami raids generally happen on the weekend, I wanted to get my last Enzyme bid in right away if I could, so as soon as I had the money I placed a bid for 527 million (last five included my second bid for 511 million, and 4 others that were higher 600 million on a couple I think, but one was only 525 million).

During the ITF more stuff sold:

I decided to up my Enzyme bid.  To my surprise, my bid was successful less than 2 minutes later.

After that I joined some other friends on a Citadel with Shinobu Eden.  By the time that was done, more stuff had sold:

So at this point my build is complete.  Price:  somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 billion, I think.  One billion of that came from my two purple drops, but given another 7-10 days I think I could raise another billion, especially now that I can use a-merits to buy IOs for sale.

I have 47.96% smashing/lethal defense, and if anyone on the team adds to that, then I'm usually in very good shape even in a swarm of Cimemorans.  One purple and I can tank a group long enough to kill them all.  :D  I have 70% global recharge, (the 140% showing includes hasten), and a lot of other nice bonuses and incarnate abilities.

I really like this character a lot.  I've played fire/kin troller and kin defender, and I've played a fire/fire blaster.  This seems like the best of both worlds.  I can buff the team, heal, and unleash massive damage.  I can turn my corruptor into a blaster, and a blaster into a god.  :D  I feel like I add a lot to any team.


But... you missed SO much content.

 :p  :D

All that within a month? I'm guessing that planning is the key to the whole idea. My playstyle doesn't really... lend me to that idea.  :)

I'm impressed, nonetheless!


Organica (me)

Ran 2 BAFs tonight.  Did not manage a Lambda, so only 1 Empyrian Merit on the day.  But I got a rare on the second run and crafted my T3 Destiny.  I'm now at T3 on Judgment, Lore, and Destiny, T2 on Interface and still stuck at T1 on Alpha.

Ran 5 tip missions + morality mission for a villain merit, and also converted 50 regular merits for a villain merit.  Bought a Kinetic Combat triple, crafted it, put it up for sale.

For the last couple of days I've just been running iTrials, ITFs, and trying to make money on the market.  Most notably, I used 2 villain merits to purchase a Kinetic Combat triple which sold for 170 million, exactly what I was hoping it would sell for.  Other than that I'm just selling random drops and whatever I decided to buy a 10 stack of.  Right now I'm trying to make money working the two Decimation triples.

As of this morning I'm near 500 million again.

In completely (well mostly) unrelated news, I chatted the other day with a person who reads these posts and recognized AE Baby.  She had a very funny, rambling first-person bio, very creative, about shooting her boyfriend for clipping his toenails at the table and shooting her lawyer.  Anyway it kind of reminded me of one of my own favorite bios, in general tone, not at all in detail, so I thought I'd post this:

A bio should be entertaining.  ^_^

(2012 sidenote:  The above character that I ran into with the entertaining bio was revealed to be game dev Tunnel Rat -- she let me know in my "90 Days to the Apocalypse" thread sometime in September or early October 2012.  Apparently she was excited to meet one of the Marketeers from the Market Forums, I was excited to know I'd had a conversation with one of the game devs, heh.)


Also, these two tidbids from trials last night:

(Speed lambda, leader decides as we're clearing courtyard that we're such a kickass group that we should try for the "no nades" badge.  Not everyone agrees, but leader says we'll still collect the grenades and acids, just not use the grenades unless it looks like we're running low on time.  Also, we don't wait to acid the doors since we want as much time as possible to take the AV down, and it'll take so long to do that we'll get the extra reward in the end anyway.)

Leader:  Those with acids, close the doors right away then come back and buff up.
Player1:  ready.
Player2:  ready.
Leader:  Go!
*Maurauder has been pacified*
Player3:  Oh, you moron.


Then I joined a BAF:

Leader:  BAF LFM.
Annoying Player:  How can you be looking for more if you won't add anyone?
Leader:  BAF LFM.
Annoying Player:  How can you be looking for more if you won't add anyone?
Leader:  BAF LFM.
Annoying Player:  How can you be looking for more if you won't add anyone?
*Annoying Player has joined team*
*queue comes up*
Annoying Player:  Add my friend.
Leader:  We're full.
*Annoying Player quits*

/em sighs.


Originally Posted by Fulmens

To continue, I think of there being about three levels of IO'ing out:
1) Generics to replace SO's. Slightly to greatly more expensive, depending on how you plan ahead on your shopping; very similar results, only you'll never see a slot "go red" or lose efficiency with IO's.
2) Frankenslotting: grabbing a lot of cheap sets and using them like "mini-hami-os". Two set IOs can give you the rough equivalent of three SO's; I have a mini-guide in my sig if you want details.
3) "Real" set IO's- that is, IO's where you're slotting several of the same set in a given power, such that you get lots of set bonuses and [in some cases] dramatically improved performance. This can be expensive to unbelievably expensive [some builds cost literal billions] and there are potential traps, but you can get a LOT better performance if you do it right.
Feel free to ask questions, I love to see my own name up on the screen.

As a hardcore builder, I'd like to add a 4th level:

4) Unlimited MINMAX. Every power, IO, set bonus, and ipower is carefully chosen with an eye to the overall performance goal, with no other considerations. These toons are rare, but you'll see them designed in the scrapper forum pretty regularly. Things like perma-elude regen builds, that sort of thing. Those are the builds that run solo itf master +4.  :)

Originally Posted by Organica
Also, these two tidbids from trials last night:
*Maurauder has been pacified*
Player3: Oh, you moron.
/em sighs.
I don't know about the pacification.. but.. I laughed out loud at the other one.

I'll be rolling a toon on Vic soon, can't wait to see you around.. though I only play Heroes. =)


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