Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zero to Awesome Day 15 (reposted from Aug 16 2011)

Day 15

Tonight was all about going back to being a villain.  I ran 5 tip missions, and then before I did the morality mission I went to Eden and then The Hive to gather up those badges.  I also later grabbed the Sewer and Abandoned Sewer badges, which so far as I can figure out is all of the explore badge accolades I can get blueside.  (I can't get Atlas Park because one badge is in a location only heroes can access.)

But in between all that my friend ran an ITF, so I joined and hit level 48... and am now within a few bubbles of 49.

Then I went back redside and blew up Croatoa.  :D

I finished by converting 50 merits into a villain merit.  I had nearly 600 merits by that point, and about 550 million influence.

I've sold all of my Eradication IOs.  They sold very quickly once I offered them for a more reasonable price.  I'm suspicious that the price was rising just as I was dropping my asking price, but anyway, that meant some good money coming in.

Tomorrow night we run ITF yet again.  :D

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