Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fifty Fifties -- 09 Valkyrie of Atlantis

09 Valkyrie of Atlantis

This was a character that I loved and hated at the same time.  I loved the whole look and concept of the character, very different from the cookie-cutter heroines I normally designed, but at the same time that's one of the reasons I never actually liked playing her. Her name, too -- it spelled out exactly what she was, I had nothing better I could come up with, but it was such a long mouthful that I never warmed up to it.  She was broadsword / shield and had all the cool swords and shields -- nictus, rularuu, vanguard.  She made an excellent model for demonstrating what these different items looked like.  But she had a free ride through the level pact with Tiffany up to 50, and I only started playing her when she was 40+ and largely IO'd.  After I got her to 50 and earned all the special shields/swords, she was one of those characters that I didn't play very mcuh, even though I didn't dislike broadsword and shield.  In point of fact, you could do so many different characters with a sword and shield that I made quite a few more and leveled some of them up into the mid to high 30's.

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