Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zero to Awesome Day 25 (reposted from Aug 26 2011)

Day 25 - Friday 8/26

Friday was a very good day for me.  And no, not because I got any more purple drops.

First of all, a lot of stuff sold.  Mostly for not a lot of money, but I was getting rid of all my inventory that's in niches I don't want to be in, so I was having a fire sale, and people were buying.  That's good.  Even a little profit is a profit.

Second of all, I converted 50 merits and bought my third Luck of the Gambler 7.5% recharge.  I only need four for my build, and afterwards I ran 5 tip missions and my alignment mission so I earned a villain merit doing that.  Saturday afternoon I'll convert 50 more merits and I'll have my fourth LotG 7.5% recharge.  :D  With about 200 merits left and a few days of tips left to get more amerits and sell a couple of IOs for cash.

Third, I decided that with 1.8 billion on hand it was time to buy my Enzymes.  I didn't have a lot of hope, they were going for upwards of 600, 650, even 700 million.  I place a bid for two at 506 million, well below the last five, but it's the weekend so maybe Hami is being killed somewhere.  I also placed bids on Performance Shifter end/rech and Reactive Armor resist/rech, two IOs that I figure will sell better for me than the other stuff I've been peddling:

Then I joined some trials -- ultimately ran 3 Lambdas and one BAF.  I unlocked my Destiny and went Rebirth and slotted my T1, and crafted a T2 for Judgment Pyronic.

In the meantime more stuff sold, and to my surprise I bought one of my Enzymes:

Quite awesome!  I rebid on 2 Enzymes at 511 million just in case someone saw my previous bid, and also did more crafting/listing of stuff.

I went off to run a Sister Psyche with Shinobu Eden (hit 47), and when I checked before logging off at night, I'd sold a few more things, I'd bought some recipes, and my second Enzyme had been purchased.  Awesome!

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