Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zero to Awesome comments from Day 21

Thanks !


Try as I might, I can't keep myself from posting.

I'd like to encourage everyone to only point out errors that are just so brazen, to not do so would be an injustice to some unsuspecting new player who happens to come along.

I was once a "noob". In many ways, I still am. I left the game for a long time, and have come back. The folks that write these guides, for whatever reasons they may have, are doing a fine job of educating new players and returning players.

Myself, through some old school knowledge I had before, and some tips within the forums, I've turned a paltry 23 million (combined from 10 level 50s that I already had) into several billions.

I would like to do one of these - but I can't discount my knowledge of the game. I can choose to not claim specific vet powers. (and certainly, at lower levels the Sands of Mu and Nemesis Staff are very nice to have!)

Yet, only my experience is going to tell me that the tutorial is going to give me two 3rd tier inspirations that I can sell for enough to put some bids on underpriced recipes.

I applaud the efforts of the OP, and others who post their guides, and those who constructively correct the rest of us.

Have fun with your experiment. Fire/Kins are fun! At least my level 22 is so far.

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