Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fifty Fifties -- 29 Organica

29 Organica

My first hero ever, my message board namesake (and the name I'm under on the Titan Forums still).  Organica got to level 37 and then was stuck on Pinnacle for years.  I refused to move her if I had to change her name, and early on in my days on Virtue, the name was taken.  And then one day I checked, and it wasn't.  I moved Organica over, and slowly -- very slowly! -- I got her up to level 50.

Essentially Organica was a clone of Mouse Police with a different look and bio, just like Tiffany Blackheart and Nina Ballerina were essentially the same character.  The difference being, I never fell out of love with martial arts and I loved willpower more and more each year, whereas katana and regen were both things that I liked less and less as the months went by.  It was not easy to force myself to get Organica to 50, it was like playing a lesser version of another character that you really didn't like playing anymore.  Needless to say, once she hit 50, I really didn't play her again.

And yet... she was my first hero ever.  I was happy to get her to 50.  I played her when katana had the exact same powers and animations as broadsword, and when regen was one of the most overpowered sets in the game.  She was, in the early days, a god.

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