Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fifty Fifties -- 40 Jennie Nova

40 Jennie Nova

In the Spring of 2012 the Magesterium Trial was new and people were trying for the Really Hard Way badge, and corruptors that could debuff were greatly desired, so I set out to level up Jennie Nova, a character that I'd created back in the Fall/Winter when beam rifle first came out.  She was beam rifle / radiation, and I thought she would make an excellent addition to these kind of raids.

I managed to get her to 50 in July.  She was one of my favorite corruptors -- I liked the name, I liked the look, I loved the bio, I liked beam rifle for the most part, and radiation was always welcome.  When we had a CoP that looked like it was about to fail, I brought in Jennie and two others grabbed their rads, and it went from impossible to actually rather easy.  Rads were that good.

I never managed to incarnate her or take her on any incarnate trials, but I did use her on other Cathedral of Pain trails.  It was always a good idea to have rad debuffs.  She had the usual money-is-no-object build, and  was just a lot of fun to play.  She was my favorite corruptor after AE Baby, and given time I would have played her a lot more I'm sure.

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