Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zero to Awesome Day 21 (reposted from Aug 22 2011)

Day 21

Aside from running 1 lambda (and opening up my Interface slot) all I did yesterday was marketing.  (I used the rest of my time to run five missions on Shinobu Eden -- 1 more hero tip mission and she can turn hero again, and then I think I'll be concentrating on running five tip missions a day with AE Baby for extra a-merits.)

I was very greedy over the DXP weekend and the several days following, and it didn't serve me well.  To start with, I'd already noted a couple of weeks ago that Eradication weren't selling well for me, but then they sold and I bought a bunch more, expecting the price to jump.  Which it did -- for maybe 24 hours at most.  I wound up with a lot of stuff listed very high, expecting prices to remain high or go higher, which didn't happen.

I had 10 Obliteration damage IOs listed for 20.1 million each.  At the time I listed them they were selling for 25 to 30 million.  However they didn't immediately sell -- the price dropped to about 20 million even.  Then, suddenly, seven sold overnight.  There was a brief price spike where the price was back up to 25 million again.  But after that three days passed with no sales.  When I checked the price last night they were going for 14 million at most, with nearly 200 for sale.  So I pulled down my Oblits and relisted them for... 9.1 or 10.1 million I think.  Anyway they all sold for 14 million within a couple of hours.

I had 10 Eradication damage IOs listed for 13.1 million and 14.1 million.  These had been selling for upwards of 20 million or more during the same brief price spike, but I think the price was already falling when I listed mine.  It continued to fall, to 10 million, where it's hovered with a lot of IOs for sale.  None of the 10 I listed had sold in several days, so I yanked them all last night.  I relisted some of them must lower -- 6.1 or 7.1 million I think.  Still none had sold by the time I logged off last night, and I can't check with maintinence this morning, so we'll see.

The other recipes I have ready to craft include 10 Eradication accuracy/rechage (not selling any better than the damage ones) and 10 damage/recharge, which are in much shorter supply.  As of last night there were only 9 for sale with prices above 20 million, so I'm reasonably certain I can sell those for a good profit.  But overall I just need to price what I have to move, since I'm obviously working niches that aren't actually great niches to be in.

Aside from that I crafted and sold a few random drops -- Doctored Wounds recharge, and two Blessing of the Zephyr travel speed/range IOs, and a Gaussian's of some kind.

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