Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zero to Awesome Day 4 (reposted from Aug 5 2011)

Day 4 (Friday 8/5/2011

Market-wise this was a very good day.  I crafted five more LotG def/rech IOs and listed them, and several of them sold -- for good money, 10 to 13 million each!  (Listed for 5.1 mil).  Oh that's right, it's the weekend.  ^_^  I knew these things would sell well given several days or a week!

Level-wise, I didn't accomplish much.  I wanted to make sure that my bank mission went well so I'd get the contact afterwards, so I decided to street sweep to level 15.  But I joined a Cathedral of Pain trial run by Zombie Man, and then formed a Manticore TF that went longer than planned (and one of the people I specifically formed it for DC'd just before the AV went down, and didn't get the badge/reward, grrr.)

My friend Dante Jr. (noticing I'm on a TF with another character):  At this rate it's going to take AE Baby forever to hit 50.
Me:  I know. :(

Ah well, I had a fun evening anyway.  ^_^  And moneywise I'm now in position to buy and sell with few worries.

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