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Zero to Awesome Day 16 with comments (reposted from Aug 17 2011)

The Atlas Park badge near the Recluse's Victory portal can be gained by a Rogue with the help of a hero/vigilante and Recall Friend/Shadow Recall. Only the door stops you getting in, they can beam you in and then you could get them to TP you out, use a base transporter, Pocket D teleport, Wentworths teleport or Mission Teleport.

Been nice reading this, I don't generally play the market, but some interesting tips to utilize!


Organica (me)

Cool to know.  ^_^  (And also the kb information Shadow posted).

Over the last two days I only had bids on the two Rectified Reticle IOs for my build, and I changed my strategy and instead of waiting on lowball bids on the level 19 IOs, I placed bids on the level 20 IOs.  For some reason it bugs me more to slot a level 19 vs. a level 20 than it does to slot level 30 over level 40 or 50.  Which is illogical, but the IO is so low level to begin with.

But beyond all that, level 20's are just much more plentiful, and I have the money now to get the highest level and get my IO faster into the bargain.

I was bidding about 7 million on the to hit buff IO at level 19, and the level 20 cost about twice that.  I had a bid of I think 32 million for a level 19 to hit buff/recharge, and in fact I'd even seen a level 20 go for that.  I bid 42 million for the level 20.  Both bids filled in 48 hours, so I have those IOs crafted and slotted now as well.

I originally had a recharge IO slotted in Aim as well... the two above IOs don't provide much benefit for to hit or recharge -- but in fact I don't even [I]use[/I] Aim that much.  I have too many other powers to click on, and I have good accuracy already.  So I moved that slot to Manuevers so that I could do the 12 points of knockback thing... which as Shadow pointed out I probably don't need, but hey, I've been doing a lot of TFs lately, no knockback/knockdown is pretty nice.  ^_^

What I have left to pick up for my build (from memory):  One purple proc, a couple of Enzymes, and the things that I expect to buy with a-merits, the Miracle and Numina uniques and Luck of the Gambler +recharge IOs.  I still burn through endurance fast, and even though I have a power that will replenish my endurance, it'll be nice to get those uniques slotted.  But I'm going to need about 1.2 to 1.5 million total to buy those other three IOs I think.  So I placed bids this morning on more recipes that I hope I can sell for good money.


Day 16

Not much progress today.  I converted 50 merits into a villain merit and bought a nice shiny Miracle +recovery.  Crafted and slotted it, sold some stuff, crafted more stuff.  Mostly I sold Performance Shifter end/rech IOs, and I'm crafting and attempting to sell some Obliteration damage IOs.

I've also bid on 10-stacks of:  Eradication damage, Eradication dam/rech, Gift of the Ancients defense.  Most of those have filled.  And I still have a 10-stack of Luck of the Gambler def/rech, which are really selling low so I've been reluctant to craft and sell them.

I was planning to join a friend's ITF but he was late getting on and I got talked into pulling out my troller for a LGTF.  It wasn't finished when my friend started his ITF.  Sigh!

I worked on other projects as well -- I took Shinobu Eden villain after first arranging for one of my other toons to hold the title of SG leader for the next few days.  I started the patron arc.

I also bought a new $2 account yesterday, just because I could.  I created a claws/fire brute and using Topdoc's CEBR guide I PL'd myself to 20.  Then I made a widow, because I could.  I'm going to see what I can accomplish on this new account without borrowing money from my other accounts, but obviously I'm using AE to do it.  ^_^  So I'm not sure that will prove anything either, but it's interesting to have no vet powers, no bonus pack powers, nothing but my powers and brawl and darts.

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