Saturday, December 1, 2012

FIfty Fifties -- 18 Trinkets

18 Trinkets

Trinkets was my answer to Sparks Fly -- that is, Sparks Fly was my AoE master on my 2nd account, and I needed one on my first account as well.  Trinkets was fire / shield as a counter to Sparks who was electric / shield.  Trinkets made a good farmer and had an excellent money-is-no-object build, but outside of that I didn't use her much for other things.  Too many characters, not enough time.  I really liked the name, but when all was said and done this character never developed any personality in my head, she was just "the fire/shield scrapper that I PL with".

That said, she was a blast to play, just like Sparks was.

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