Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fifty Fifties -- 38 Destruction Diva

38 Destruction Diva

Destruction Diva came out of a plan of mine to make more corruptors.  I loved the AT, I needed more of them, and I hit upon the name Destruction Diva and it was free.  I designed her to be more like a khold character than what I usually designed -- with exaggerated curves, large breasts, and as little clothing as possible.  I remember that Canadian Girl really liked some of her costumes, too, I joined CG on several of her ITFs in late Spring 2012 to help get Desstruction Diva to 50.

I enjoyed the character look and name so much that I created several clones -- Devastation Diva, Decimation Diva, and Disruption Diva.  They all looked similar but with different color patterns.  Two of the other three were also corruptors.  Devastation Diva was a sonic / time corruptor, and time manipulation was a very nice set so she was quite useful.  She got the usual awesome build, and I used her occasionally after that, and I never managed to play the others up further than level 22 each I think.  But my goal of increasing my stable of corruptors was partly accomplished.

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